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NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Developer Network


EDIT: NetSuite no longer offers a free SDN membership. I’ve been using NetSuite since 2004, and have long wished to have a simple test account that I could do anything I wanted in. As far as I know, here are the major ways that one can get a test or sandbox account with NetSuite: Sandbox [...]


Get Full SEO Value for Your Review Content Power Reviews (now BazaarVoice) allows websites to add product reviews for each item. One of the best side benefits of adding reviews to your site is the user generated content, which is rich with long tail keywords that users are searching with to find your products. The [...]

How to Calculate the ROI for NetSuite Projects

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An Easy Way to Estimate the Value of Multiple Projects One of the best features of the NetSuite ERP system is its all-encompassing nature. It’s possible to run every department of your company in NetSuite, which means that your NetSuite administrator has many choices when it comes to optimizing the system. How do you decide [...]


10 Questions to Ask a Potential NetSuite Consulting Partner NetSuite is the world’s most successful software as a service (SaaS) ERP system, and has been built to be as flexible as possible for as many types of businesses as they can. As a result, NetSuite is a powerful platform that can automate many business processes [...]

Ways to Set Up a NetSuite Staging Web Site


Three Staging Methods Explained One thing that many NetSuite customers struggle with is the ability to set up a proper staging environment so they can test things before they launch them on their website. Tthere are three ways that I know of to test out new changes on a NetSuite template driven e-commerce site, and [...]

Top 8 tips for Managing Lots of NetSuite Saved Searches

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One thing I have found to be true with almost every company I have worked with that has been on NetSuite for a while is that saved searches tend to proliferate, and can become a big inefficient mess that is hard to deal with. Here are the best strategies I have found for managing a [...]

NetSuite product page SEO – a DIY guide

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Leveraging NetSuite’s Built-In Web Site Template Capabilities Product pages. For most Internet retailers, these are the most numerous pages on their site, and a perfect place to optimize for long tail keywords. In this guide, I will cover the options within NetSuite’s template driven e-commerce platform for optimizing product pages for search engines, and give [...]

NetSuite tip: Diagnose Slow Loading Pages


Ways to ferret out the root cause As with any web hosted environment, response time and performance are a major issue. I would say the entire SAAS industry (software as a service) will have to deal with this problem for the forseeable future. Only Google seems to have figured out how to provide consistently speedy [...]

Announcing the first NetSuite customization search engine

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A Google Co-op based engine that searches NetSuite resources Last week Google annouced yet another great new feature: the ability to create you own customized search engines using Google Co-op. Of course the first thing that sprang to mind was to create a search engine for the NetSuite web developer. To gather all the sites [...]


One of the more annoying features of Netsuite is the inability to get rid of their name & branding from a Netsuite-hosted e-commerce web site. The shortcut icon (that little graphic that shows up next to the site title when you create a bookmark) Shortcut Icon defaults to a Netsuite ‘N’ graphic. I’ll show you [...]