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Netsuite is a hosted (SaaS) ERP platform. It includes accounting, inventory management, point of sale, and e-commerce front end functionality. It is designed to run your entire business, allowing data to be shared across departments. I have been working with Netsuite since 2004. It has a lot of powerful functionality, and one thing I have found consistently true is companies who use NetSuite aren\’t even aware of all it can do.


Existing Functionality to be Preserved Until at Least 2022 A brief history of promotions in NetSuite: Standard Promotions were the only option at first, allowing promotions to be created and offered in Site Builder or phone orders like a % off coupon code. This functionality is pretty basic. In 2014, NetSuite released a SuiteBundle (a [...]

Protect Your Online Forms from Bots & Spam


Use Google’s reCAPTCHA Service Without Annoying Your Users As a site owner, marketer, or developer you are well accustomed to seeing fake or bot form submissions, which can be quite an annoyance and potentially time intensive depending on the severity. Luckily there are proven, modern solutions to this sort of problem: form captchas. There are [...]

What to know about schema.org and microdata tagging


Why Should You Care About Microdata? Before we get into more detail, you should probably be asking yourself why you would even care about microdata as a business owner, the answer is – Rich Snippets & Google Shopping. By adding hidden microdata tags to your pages, products and other entities of your site, you make [...]

Netsuite Site Builder Responsive Conversion – Tips & Tricks


Welcome to 2019 What Is “Responsive Resign” ? Responsive design in a nutshell is when your site automatically fits within the user’s device. Thus, if the user has a small screen (width-wise), the elements will rearrange to show you what really matters (CTA buttons, other actionable items). You’ll often see bigger buttons, more blank space [...]


This Fix is Required to Ensure Safari Conversions are Tracked Why Was This Change Made? In June, Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention, a major change to the way Safari handles third party cookies, which is the main way advertising companies gather data about users. The main goal is to limit the ability of large data mining [...]


Get the Benefits of a Secure Website Without Buying SCA Why Secure Your Entire Site? When you view a webpage, that information passes through a dozen or more servers to get to you. If that URL starts with http://, anyone in the path can view or even modify the contents of the page. ISPs insert [...]


XML Sitemap Automation Introduction & Benefits What is a XML Sitemap? An XML sitemap is a computer and human readable file that website owners can choose to place on their site to improve the indexing of their pages. Before any page on your site can rank for organic traffic, it must first be indexed by [...]


There has been a tectonic shift in the way people are viewing your website. Have you noticed it? Several years ago, your site traffic was mostly from desktop computers. Today, a significant percentage of visitors are probably arriving via mobile devices. That should come as no big surprise, given the meteoric rise of smart phones and tablets. [...]


A Huge Improvement for Site Builder Websites In 2007 or so, NetSuite released a new feature for all of its customers called SuiteBundles (now called SuiteApps or SuiteApp Bundles). It doesn’t get discussed much outside of the NetSuite User Group, and many of the NetSuite users I talk to on a regular basis aren’t aware [...]

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E-mails sent from scripts, workflows or marketing campaigns must be upgraded For most NetSuite customers, the 2016.1 update is about 1 to 2 months away. If you don’t frequent the NetSuite user group, you may be surprised to learn that some significant areas of functionality are being discontinued in favor of a new method. If [...]