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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

My thoughts and ideas on how to improve your rankings in search engines.

Site Builder Performance Upgrades


The time it takes to load a web page is called the page download speed, or load time. Your site’s average load time is an important factor in Google’s site ranking algorithm. Web users expect pages to load quickly, and pages with longer load times tend to have higher bounce rates, and those sites are [...]

What to know about schema.org and microdata tagging


Why Should You Care About Microdata? Before we get into more detail, you should probably be asking yourself why you would even care about microdata as a business owner, the answer is – Rich Snippets & Google Shopping. By adding hidden microdata tags to your pages, products and other entities of your site, you make [...]


Get the Benefits of a Secure Website Without Buying SCA Why Secure Your Entire Site? When you view a webpage, that information passes through a dozen or more servers to get to you. If that URL starts with https://, anyone in the path can view or even modify the contents of the page. ISPs insert [...]


XML Sitemap Automation Introduction & Benefits What is a XML Sitemap? An XML sitemap is a computer and human readable file that website owners can choose to place on their site to improve the indexing of their pages. Before any page on your site can rank for organic traffic, it must first be indexed by [...]


A Chance to Give Google Feedback About Your Small Site The Problem: big brands are dominating search results pages (SERPs) One of the most common complaints coming from SEOs and webmasters over the last few months has been about big brands taking over search results pages. Various webmaster and SEO forums have threads on the [...]

10 Questions to Ask a Potential SEO Partner


Your Website Needs a Strong SEO Partner What is SEO and why should I care? While most website owners are familiar with the concept of search engine optimization (SEO), most that I have spoken to have an incomplete view of what it can do and its importance overall. My definition of SEO: Avoiding or fixing [...]

The Next Major Google Algorithm Update


Google’s Matt Cutts Tells us What to Expect The SEO Arms Race Ever since there have been search engines, search engine optimizers (SEOs) have tried various tactics to rank well – often straying into deceptive or ‘black hat’ techniques like auto generated content, websites, and link networks. As search engines have gotten better at detecting [...]

Canonical URLs and Duplicate Content


What Everyone With a Website Should Know Two distinct but similar concepts that are important to understand, and easy to get wrong. SEO basically boils down to sending search engines the signals that they like, so every website owner should strive to ensure they are handling canonical and duplicate content issues properly. I will detail [...]

NetSuite product page SEO – a DIY guide

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Leveraging NetSuite’s Built-In Web Site Template Capabilities Product pages. For most Internet retailers, these are the most numerous pages on their site, and a perfect place to optimize for long tail keywords. In this guide, I will cover the options within NetSuite’s template driven e-commerce platform for optimizing product pages for search engines, and give [...]

SEO: Calculating a Keyword’s Value

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Using Analytics Data to Drive SEO Now that Google Analytics is available to anyone with a website for free, it’s possible to bring an entirely new level of data-driven analysis to ongoing SEO efforts. This guide assumes that you have a basic understanding of analytics concepts and a functional web analytics platform that tracks conversion [...]