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One of the features I like about the NetSuite SuiteCommerce web store is the related item functionality. Not only can you hand pick related items to display on product pages, but you can also allow NetSuite to automatically generate recommendations based on sales history. NetSuite includes four sample related item layouts, but they don't handle [...]


5 Minute Guide to Creating a 404 Report in NetSuite

One feature lacking in most hosted analytics systems like Google analytics is a 404 report - i.e. a list of URLs that a user or search engine tried to access, but the page was not available. If you have a NetSuite Site Builder site (now call SuiteCommerce Site Builder), NetSuite provides a built-in report that [...]


SEO: Calculating a Keyword’s Value

Now that Google Analytics is available to anyone with a website for free, it's possible to bring an entirely new level of data-driven analysis to ongoing SEO efforts. This guide assumes that you have a basic understanding of analytics concepts and a functional web analytics platform that tracks conversion data that can tie back to [...]

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