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Information Architecture

This topic spans everything that must be considered when organizing a site\’s content – usability, SEO, inuitiveness – everything. It\’s one of my favorite topics to discuss and read about.


In previous articles, I introduced important IA concepts and covered the first steps involved in organizing your site’s information. All the steps and preparation have led to this final stage, where it’s time to implement all those ideas and concepts and create a site map. If you’ve been following the steps from part 1, you [...]


So what is information architecture and why should you care about it? In simple terms, it’s the way you organize the information on your web site. The decisions you make when deciding how your users will navigation your site have far-reaching effects, including SEO, usability, and conversion rate. I’ve written a lengthy introduction to information [...]

Information Architecture – An Introduction


One of my favorite topics in web site design is information architecture. That’s a fancy term that basically corresponds to how you organize the content and navigation for your site. In other words, the method by which you put your content into groups or categories, and thereby build the site’s navigation structure. It’s a question [...]