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About Us

Fourth Wave Consulting is a business that’s all about your business. We focus on NetSuite and E-commerce consulting for small & medium businesses, and have been doing it since 2003. Fourth Wave consists primarily of myself – David Norris. I occasionally partner with a couple of other trusted independent consultants, but mostly it’s just me. With over 20 years’ experience working with computers and more than 10 years of experience with NetSuite, I can handle just about anything a SMB can throw at me. My clients benefit from a complete lack of turnover, always talking to the expert, and never having to worry about communication issues. Having worked with other consulting companies in previous jobs, I know how frustrating it can be when people change jobs or the right person doesn’t get the information they need.

Here are some examples of the type of work I do:

Google Universal Analytics for NetSuite Sites

Many of my clients originally contacted me for help with Google analytics and NetSuite. It takes a good deal of expertise in both to get them working properly, especially since NetSuite has not updated any of its functionality for the now years-old universal analytics platform. I can audit your site to find problems, provide custom fixes for cross domain or third-party hosted websites or sections, and verify the GA reports to ensure everything is tracked properly. Of course, catching things properly is merely the first step in leveraging analytics – I enjoy taking things to the next steps, including setting up custom goals and funnels, measuring ROI for advertising, content experiments, and many others.

NetSuite Site Builder Web Sites – Customization, SEO, and Responsive Design Conversions

I have worked with dozens of websites, mostly running site builder or WordPress. Projects have run the gamut from developing a new website from scratch, fixing SEO penalties or other search engine optimization, integrations with 3rd parties, custom Ajax solutions, and converting existing sites into device friendly responsive design.

NetSuite Reference Checkout and My Account: Implementation and Customization

It seems obvious that NetSuite has committed its web platform future to the ‘reference’ technology, built on popular open source JavaScript libraries like model, underscore, and jQuery. I have implemented and customized quite a few of these SSP applications by now, including functionality changes, custom analytics modules, and Google trusted stores integrations.

Third Party Integrations with NetSuite

One of NetSuite’s best features is having one large database for all of your company’s data. Inevitably, companies need 3rd parties to provide functionality that doesn’t come with NetSuite, and integrating that data is an important piece. Some examples include a search engine friendly daily import of Power Reviews review data, legacy systems, or web-based Ajax compatible data sources.

Customized Consulting Solutions

Everyone’s needs are unique, and I much prefer to set up a solution tailored to my customer’s situation. My approach to web sites is to treat them as a whole – it’s important to keep in mind how much each aspect of a site affects the others. I am often contacted for SEO work for a site, only to learn upon closer examination that the site really needs work in a number of areas. I can work with you to create a custom plan of action to maximize the potential of your site. I’ve found the best way is to start with an information gathering meeting, where we can talk about your needs, my experience and qualifications, and give us a chance to ask questions. The first hour is free, so there’s no risk to you. After the initial meeting, I can prepare a recommendation/quote for services I think would best suit your needs.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

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I have been working with computers and web sites for 20+ years, and have enjoyed mastering many areas of technology. I have been building websites for about 15 years, and working with NetSuite for more than 10. I have worked with dozens of small and medium-sized companies in that time, helping them to understand and leverage the latest tools to grow their business. My business is all about helping you to maximize your business, and I prefer to establish long-term relationships with clients who are dedicated to embracing smart ways to optimize and expand their business.