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Announcing the First Automated Power Reviews Inline SEO Implementation for NetSuite

Get Full SEO Value for Your Review Content

Power Reviews (now BazaarVoice) allows websites to add product reviews for each item. One of the best side benefits of adding reviews to your site is the user generated content, which is rich with long tail keywords that users are searching with to find your products. The typical methodfor enabling search engine friendly reviews with Power Reviews is called their ‘in-line SEO’ solution. Unfortunately NetSuite companies haven’t been able to implement the solution due to limitations within the NetSuite platform. Fourth Wave Consulting has developed a fully automated solution that works around these limitations, and provides the full SEO benefits. PDF Logo
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The Problem

Up until now, NetSuite websites have been forced to use the JavaScript implementation for Power Reviews. While the difference isn’t apparent to users, it makes all the difference to search engines. On a typical product page, your users might see 5 or 10 reviews like this:
Review Example

However, search engines will only see some javascript code:

<script type="text/javascript">POWERREVIEWS.display.engine(document,
{pr_page_id : '12234'});</script>

All that keyword rich text that your users have submitted is not helping your search engine optimization efforts at all!

The Solution

Our automated solution provides all of the functionality that can’t be done out of the box with NetSuite.

  1. We download the zip file from Power Reviews, containing all of the HTML review content.
  2. Extract the data and upload the review content into your NetSuite item records, according to the custom rules that we build with you.
  3. We provide training and documentation to ensure a smooth rollout.


  1. Get all of the SEO benefit from the review content from your customers, updated every day. Expect to see a significant increase in organic traffic to your product pages.
  2. We update the review count and average rating for each item, which can be used in product feeds to enhance click through rates on comparison-shopping engines.
  3. Got multiple websites? The same item can display unique review content on each website, providing long tail keyword optimization and avoiding duplicate content filters.
  4. Available add-on module to automate the FTP upload of product in order feeds, saving time and avoiding errors.
  5. Available training on using review data for microdata tagging – see schema.org for more information.


  1. NetSuite Site Builder or SuiteCommerce web site.
  2. Power Reviews Enterprise (We can help you implement or upgrade from Express)

Contact Us

To learn more or schedule a demo, please call 503.734.6150
or Contact Us Here.

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