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Being & Nothingness


A New Portland Art Gallery – Beaux Arts Contemporary


Combining the Beauty of Nature With Abstract Modern Expression There is a new art gallery in Portland that I’m excited about: Beaux Arts Contemporary. It was started by Eugenia Pardue, a local artist who has had shows all over. I have been following her work for years, and I’ve been to several of her exhibitions. [...]

The Big Picture – America’s Economic Situation


The Big Picture Dave’s Economic Assessment – April 2009 Index Executive Summary Undisputed Facts Not Quite Undisputed Facts The Good News My Opinion & Predictions What Must be Done Best Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario Most Likely Scenario Recommended Reading Handy PDF version Executive Summary This work is the product of years of research and [...]

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Expertise & specialization make their home in a niche One of my favorite things about the Internet is the phenomenon of the long tail. Basically, the barriers are down and it’s led to an incredible explosion of content & commerce. Shelf space is no longer a consideration, so retailers can afford to either carry millions [...]

GIGO – The First Law of Computers


I remember the first time I heard this phrase – I was in fourth grade and one of the older classes in my school put on a play that in retrospect was completely ridiculous and silly, but I wasn’t quite as critical when I was 9. It was a series of scenes designed to exemplify [...]

The Last Blog, Ever


Never one to be caught off-guard a couple of years too late, it’s high time I hopped on the blogging bandwagon. I’m pretty sure I’m the last person on the planet to start one, so I’ll turn out the lights when I’m done. I started my consulting business in late ’03, after the dotcom I [...]