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A New Portland Art Gallery – Beaux Arts Contemporary

Combining the Beauty of Nature With Abstract Modern Expression

There is a new art gallery in Portland that I’m excited about: Beaux Arts Contemporary. It was started by Eugenia Pardue, a local artist who has had shows all over. I have been following her work for years, and I’ve been to several of her exhibitions. After an artist residency in the Czech Republic, staying in an 18th century castle and painting (which I am hugely jealous of), and years of teaching university art courses, Pardue has started a gallery to showcase exciting local artists.

The Artists

Eugenia Pardue – sculpting paint with nature’s elegance

Tree of Life by Eugenia Pardue

Tree of Life by Eugenia Pardue

The two-dimensional computer screen fails to do these sculptures justice, it is much more fun to look at and touch in person. instantly recognizable shapes and fractals from nature emerge from the white on white paint, inviting the viewer to contemplate the pure angular aesthetic.

Abi Spring – Icy Beauty in Kiln Forged Glass

Cool and icy beauty reminiscent of ice flows and cold winters. I love a picturesque snowy mountain, and these pieces remind me of that feeling.

Dana Lynn Louis – Light and Shadow Across a Spectrum of Mixed Media

Louis’ work ranges from large, fascinating art installations to the small and intimate. Her many awards and exhibitions mirror the maturity that is evident in her work.

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