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How to Build Your Own Netsuite Search Box


One of the great features of Netsuite is that they provide custom tags to include in the HTML code of the customizations to their site templates. It’s pretty flexible for the most part, but they often generate ugly HTML and an inflexible visual appearance. One good example of this is the tag. Problems with getGlobalSearchHtml [...]

How to mine your site’s search stats in Netsuite


One of the weaknesses of ASP hosted E-Commerce system Netsuite is that there’s no way to access statistics on users who are searching on your site (note this is different than a user searching in a search engine and landing on your site). They will eventually implement it, which is good for the following reasons: [...]

How to set up Google Analytics in Netsuite


This article has an update! -> please refer to Installing Google Universal Analytics for NetSuite For those who don’t know, Netsuite is a hosted, ASP model ERP solution – you can manage your entire site and back-end inventory and accounting with one package, all through your browser. I spend a lot of time with their [...]

The Basics of Netsuite SEO


Introduction This article is written for a web-savvy user who is interested in optimizing their Netsuite hosted E-Commerce site for better placement in search engines’ natural search engine results pages (SERPs). It assumes a good deal of knowledge about Internet basics, but anyone actively involved on the technical side of a Netsuite store should be [...]