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Netsuite is a hosted (SaaS) ERP platform. It includes accounting, inventory management, point of sale, and e-commerce front end functionality. It is designed to run your entire business, allowing data to be shared across departments. I have been working with Netsuite since 2004. It has a lot of powerful functionality, and one thing I have found consistently true is companies who use NetSuite aren’t even aware of all it can do.


I have been working with NetSuite since 2004, with much of my time spent on building and optimizing websites in their site builder platform (Now called SuiteCommerce Site Builder). In those 11 years, almost nothing has changed, and none of the many bugs I have personally submitted have ever been addressed. From what I can [...]

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The most noticeable benefit to being a trusted store is the addition of a floating badge that is displayed in the bottom right corner of every page on your site. Here is an example: When a user clicks on the badge, a medium-sized window will appear with customer service and shipping related stats, like this [...]


Better user identification across multiple devices - get closer to tracking users, not just visits. For the first time, you can now track off-line conversions with the measurement protocol - trackable lifetime value in your web analytics! All future analytics innovations will rollout to universal analytics. Custom variables become custom dimensions, and are easier to [...]


One of the features I like about the NetSuite SuiteCommerce web store is the related item functionality. Not only can you hand pick related items to display on product pages, but you can also allow NetSuite to automatically generate recommendations based on sales history. NetSuite includes four sample related item layouts, but they don't handle [...]

5 Minute Guide to Creating a 404 Report in NetSuite


One feature lacking in most hosted analytics systems like Google analytics is a 404 report - i.e. a list of URLs that a user or search engine tried to access, but the page was not available. If you have a NetSuite Site Builder site (now call SuiteCommerce Site Builder), NetSuite provides a built-in report that [...]

Get Your Free NetSuite Test Drive Account


I've been using NetSuite for about nine years, and have long wished to have a simple test account that I could do anything I wanted in. As far as I know, here are the major ways that one can get a test or sandbox account with NetSuite: Sandbox Account - Companies with a NetSuite account [...]


Power Reviews (now BazaarVoice) allows websites to add product reviews for each item. One of the best side benefits of adding reviews to your site is the user generated content, which is rich with long tail keywords that users are searching with to find your products. The typical methodfor enabling search engine friendly reviews with [...]

How to Calculate the ROI for NetSuite Projects

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One of the best features of the NetSuite ERP system is its all-encompassing nature. It's possible to run every department of your company in NetSuite, which means that your NetSuite administrator has many choices when it comes to optimizing the system. How do you decide between improving customer service case handling versus a smoother estimate/quoting [...]


NetSuite is the world's most successful software as a service (SaaS) ERP system, and has been built to be as flexible as possible for as many types of businesses as they can. As a result, NetSuite is a powerful platform that can automate many business processes and run companies efficiently. Out-of-the-box, however, NetSuite is not [...]

Ways to Set Up a NetSuite Staging Web Site


One thing that many NetSuite customers struggle with is the ability to set up a proper staging environment so they can test things before they launch them on their website. Tthere are three ways that I know of to test out new changes on a NetSuite template driven e-commerce site, and I will go through [...]