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I’ve been using NetSuite for about nine years, and have long wished to have a simple test account that I could do anything I wanted in. As far as I know, here are the major ways that one can get a test or sandbox account with NetSuite:

  • Sandbox Account – Companies with a NetSuite account can pay extra to have access to a sandbox version, where they take a snapshot of your current database and copy it to a test server (on demand, usually takes a few days to a week). This can be a great way to test out incremental modifications to your existing set up, and can give you a chance to see if it conflicts with other customizations.
  • Become a NetSuite solution provider – This is a program for companies that sell and implement NetSuite for their customers. It costs $5,000 a year, and comes with unlimited testdrive accounts. It also has minimums for NetSuite sales, so it’s not for everyone.
  • Take a NetSuite training class – I have taken a few in person and online training classes from NetSuite, and as part of the class, we were given access to our own test drive account to follow along the training in. My account was deactivated after a few months, but it was useful while I had access.
    And finally, my favorite:
  • Join the SuiteCloud developer network – Spend a minute to fill out a quick form (click join at the bottom of the page), and in a day or two you will have access to your own test drive account that doesn’t expire (unless you stop using it), along with access to the SuiteCloud user group, which is similar to the main NetSuite user group, but separate.

Why Get a Test Drive Account?

Even if you don’t plan on developing applications for NetSuite, as long as you have an interest in understanding NetSuite better and customizing your own account, it’s a good idea to get a test account and spend some time in it. Here are some reasons why:

  • The test drive account is populated with all kinds of sample data for a fake company, including a number of scripts, custom records, and other customizations that can help you learn more about how NetSuite works.
  • It’s also a great way to test out the reference cart and checkout – anyone with a domain can create a new subdomain and point the DNS to NetSuite servers, and you have a fully functional e-commerce test site to play with.
  • Depending on which features you have purchased, the test drive account might have more functionality than your account does, allowing you to test out some of these features without having to order them.
  • You can try out major option changes and other radical changes to the data that you could ever try in a live account.
  • I will be posting guides and tutorials performed in the test drive account, so if you have your own you can follow along precisely.
  • You can easily install and try out suite bundles or Suiteapps and learn more about how they work.

I really like this program, and think that NetSuite is a good match for anyone who enjoys reverse engineering or teaching themselves a system as they go along. What have you learned or taught yourself in a test drive account?

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